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On Behalf of Hess Law LLC Dec. 16, 2022

Can You File a Civil Lawsuit After Getting Hurt at Work?

Workers across Kansas face many different hazards related to their employment. Some workers have to worry about the risk that comes from working at a significant elevation, like construction professionals or window washers. Others handle dangerous machinery and caustic chemicals, like industrial workers.  People can also develop repetitive stress injuries or work-acquired illnesses.

Employees get hurt on the job in many different situations, and those injured workers are often left with both medical bills and an inability to work as they did before, at least temporarily. You will still have bills to pay if you need time off of work to heal from a job injury.

Can you file a lawsuit related to a job injury in Kansas?

Workers’ Compensation Reduces Your Employer’s Liability

Employers in Kansas must carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect their staff from injury and occupational illness. If someone gets hurt in an industrial accident or diagnosed by their doctor with a job-related medical condition, workers’ compensation will replace some of their lost wages and pay for their treatment.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault form of insurance. Workers don’t have to prove misconduct on the part of their employer to make a claim. Employers that provide appropriate workers’ compensation coverage as mandated by Kansas state law largely eliminate liability for worker injuries and illnesses.

It will only be possible for an employee to bring a lawsuit against an employer in scenarios where the employer failed to carry workers’ compensation insurance or engaged in acts of gross negligence or illegal conduct that led to someone’s injury.

Third-Party Lawsuits Are Potentially an Option

While you may not be able to take your employer to court in all but the most severe cases, you may be able to appreciate civil action against third parties that contributed to your injuries. Manufacturers that put out defective equipment or people who cause car crashes could face lawsuits brought by workers hurt on the job.

You can file a civil lawsuit against a third party and still receive workers’ compensation benefits after a job injury in Kansas. Looking into your different options for compensation will help you better handle the consequences of a Kansas work injury.


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