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Mediation & Dispute Resolution 

Mediation involves a neutral person, the mediator, who guides parties through communication and negotiation to promote compromise in resolving disputes. 

How Mediation Works 

Mediation is an informal, flexible, and confidential dispute resolution process. The participants in a mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process

The primary focus of mediation is on the rights, interests, and needs of the parties. The mediator’s role is to engage in constructive discussion about critical issues, help the parties find common ground, and guide the parties toward a resolution. The mediator’s goal is to assist the parties in reaching an agreement to resolve their dispute to avoid the cost and uncertainty of litigation and trial. 

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I have been mediating disputes in the State of Kansas since 1998. I am routinely asked to mediate disputes by individuals,  plaintiff counsel, defense counsel, insurance companies, corporations, and other business entities. I have participated in 100s of mediations and I have a very high success rate in assisting parties in reaching a resolution.

I am always well-prepared and proactive in ensuring I understand the facts, law, and other intangible issues applicable to each mediation.  I also have a great understanding of the psychological aspect of the mediation process. I take great effort and pride in assisting parties in reaching a resolution of their disputes. If a resolution is not reached at the mediation conference, I continue to work with the patties to make sure all avenues are exhausted in trying to reach a resolution.   

I mediate a broad range of disputes, including but not limited to, personal injury claims, motor vehicle accident claims,  premise liability claims, dog bite claims, fire, wind and hail damage claims, commercial disputes, construction disputes, and business disputes. 

If you are looking for a compassionate strong advocate for dispute resolution, please call me.

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