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On Behalf of Hess Law LLC July 1, 2022

Who Chooses the Doctor in A Kansas Workers’ Comp Case?

People can get hurt in any profession, and their injuries will have an impact on themselves and the company that employs them. Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect both employers and employees.

Companies carry these policies to limit their personal financial liability and legal responsibility for workers who get hurt or develop work-related medical issues. The no-fault coverage through workers’ compensation will prevent litigation against employers in the vast majority of worker injury situations.

Employees benefit from workers’ compensation because they receive full coverage for their medical care until they are able to return to work or achieve maximum medical improvement. They can also receive indemnity or disability benefits that they cover up to two-thirds of their lost wages until they get back to work.

If you require medical care for an injury suffered on the job or a recently diagnosed condition that stems from your employment, who chooses the doctor that provides your treatment?

Employers Have the Authority in Most Cases

There are sometimes emergency situations that require immediate medical attention, but the majority of workers’ compensation claims are not medical emergencies. The workers will need to seek care in a timely manner, but there won’t be any risk involved in communicating with an employer or traveling to a specific facility.

The Kansas workers’ compensation rules delegate decision-making authority regarding medical treatment to the employer. The company can choose the doctor who oversees your care, in part as a way for them to control costs and ensure a specific standard of care. You will typically have to go see the doctor that your employer chose, as outside medical care through your preferred provider may only be eligible for $500 worth of coverage.

Thankfully, if there is a serious issue with a doctor’s behavior toward you or their recommendations seem inappropriate, you do have the right to appeal. You can ask the state to intervene and grant you the right to choose the doctor.

Knowing Your Rights Is Crucial when Seeking Care

If you don’t understand the rules in place for workers’ compensation claims, you could make mistakes that lead to you having uncovered medical bills.

Learning the rules that apply to Kansas workers’ compensation claims will help you better communicate with your employer, your doctor and the insurance company providing your coverage.


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